Bootloader mode to reset default configuration

If your tool is blocked, you can try to activate the Bootloader mode in order to reload the default configuration.

To do so, please follow the here below procedure:

1°)Control that, No NomadLAB application is running in the Task manager.
2°)Connect the NomadLAB to your PC USB port
3°)Hold on Power up button of NomadLAB Device.
4°)When the NomadLAB Screen is white, and the green led blinking release the power button.
5°)Control that the NomadLAB is detected in the windows device manager.
6°)Launch RGPA(Nomadlab) software.
7°)RGPA will detect the NomadLAB and a POP-UP will suggest you to update your device. Select "Yes"