NomadLAB Key File Generation

STEP 1 Generate a license file - you need your Licence Serial Key.

1. Connect and power-up the NomadLAB.

2. Launch RGPA, select Maintenance, then Generate licence file button.

3. A Licence Generation pop-up appears, you should fill in extranet username, Email address, Licence Serial Key (example E3B8-797B-DA-AX71-XXXX) and click on the Generate licence key file button.

4. You will receive an email from KEOLABS support, click on the extranet link in the email.

5. Download the Licence Key file and save it anywhere on your computer.

STEP 2 Import the Licence file to the NomadLAB.

1. Connect and power up the NomadLAB, if necessary.

2. Open RGPA, Maintenance, then Import Licence File button.

3. In the browser select the Licence Serial Key file to import, click Open.

4. On successful import, a Hardware licence upgraded pop-up appears. NomadLAB