. When the ISO7816 emulator receives an APDU, its default
behaviour concerning the APDU direction can be overriden with the
NomadLAB.Emulator.ISO7816.SetAPDUDir API, or with a configuration
file. See programming guide for mode information.

Bug fixes:
. VERIFY is treated as an incoming APDU
. Emulator configuration was not correctly initialized when NomadLAB
was not connected on RGPA startup

Known issues:
. Error in Tool Output View when NomadLAB is connecting to RGPA:
"Unable to stop the connection polling normally. Polling stopped."
This issue affects only the re-connection through connection polling
The connection is slow but works as expected
. Error in Tool Output View when starting the emulator:
"Trace thread: Cannot read records from NomadLAB"
Executing your program/script with RGPA closed can help
Sometimes, killing the NomadLAB.exe process and restarting NomadLAB
device is necessary.