Do not use the bootloader mode with this version as described in the
Getting Started document, chapter Bootloader mode.
The FPGA firmware that will be updated is not validated making the
behaviour of both spy and emulator features unstable!


  • Added NomadLAB.Emulator.ISO14443.Settings.WtxTimeNs property to allow a precise definition of the WTX timing in nanoseconds.

Bug fixes:

  • Support end date for licenses are not restricted to 31/12/2019 anymore. If you were affected by this problem, you will receive a new serial key to extend your support end date.
  • Error in Tool Output View when starting or using the emulator: "Trace thread: Cannot read records from NomadLAB".
  • Response time for the ATS frame is now compliant with the ISO14443 specifications, it was previously sent approximately 6 fc before the expected time grid.
  • In analyzer ISO14443 type B: analysis of ATTRIB command will now display correct warning messages (it used to report unexisting issues and miss existing ones).
  • Default value for NomadLAB.Emulator.ISO14443.Settings.WtxTime changed to 4.5 ms (was 5 ms), to match the default value for NomadLAB.Emulator.ISO14443.Settings.Fwi defining an FWT of 4.8 ms.