Release Date

February 17, 2020


This patch should be installed only if a problem is observed concerning the ATS frame sent by the ISO14443 emulator.
It should concern only users of the KaNest-ICC software from Galitt.
See the release notes below for more information.

Patch to install with NomadLAB version

DO NOT USE THE BOOTLOADER MODE with this version as described in the
Getting Started document.
The FPGA firmware that will be updated is not validated making the
behaviour of both spy and emulator features unstable!

Bug fixes:

  • For ISO14443 type A emulator, the ATS response time was sometimes
    not correct when two card selections were performed without an RF
    off in between.
  • .xgpa files can be re-analyzed with the Trace Import tab or the
    NomadLAB.Spy.Import() method.
  • NomadLAB.Spy.Analyzer.Start() can now (re)analyze .xpga file.