Known issues:
. Real-time analysis temporarily disabled when RGPA is opened
This feature will be re-enabled in the next release
. Topaz protocol not decoded after RID Response
. Error in Tool Output View:
"Unable to stop the connection polling normally. Polling stopped."
This issue affects only the re-connection through connection polling
It is a little slower that it should be, but still works

New features:
. ISO7816 emulator
. ISO14443 emulator type A/B
. Java API for ISO7816 emulator
. Java example for ISO7816 emulator
. Up to 10 NomadLAB can be connected to RGPA
. SNEP and GSM protocols analysis

. M2M option is enabled by default. It should always be activated,
as in almost all cases it should resolve some issues during a spy
. RGPA displays horizontal tabs instead of a vertical tree for panels
. Trace output path can be set from RGPA
. M2M option can be set from RGPA
. NomadLAB software stability
. USB communication speed
. Trace decoding in standalone mode
. NomadLAB touch-screen calibration can be launched from RGPA
. NomadLAB can be re-started from RGPA
. Improved battery life during a standalone trace
. New messages are broadcasted through connection point:
RF power, RST, S1, card presence, ISO14443 Type A/B, SWP and FeliCa
. NomadLAB timing precision for trace events improved: 160 ns to 80 ns
. Documentation updated
. LLCP and NDEF protocols analysis
. Windows 8 support
. C++ example updated to display new messages and migrated to Visual
Studio 2012 (Visual Studio 2003 is still supported)
. Accuracy of frequency meter for ISO7816 spy

Bug fixes:
. Firmware was sometimes frozen
. Licenses were lost after a firmware freeze
. Fail to update NomadLAB's firmware
. Error when importing a .tra file:
"Invalid .tra file: no header end tag"
. Errors when performing a trace:
"Invalid trace file: cannot read license"
"Trace duration is too long to be displayed"
. Auto Test was always showing an error in the Equipment Tests page
. Trace output path is not reset during a trace import
. Icon for direction was not always correct in List view in RGPA
. Deactivated state in trace was sometimes not shown/correct