New features:
. Basic JScript examples for ISO14443 and ISO7816 emulators
. C++ example for ISO14443 to emulate an e-passport
. JScript example for ISO7816 emulator to emulate a SIM card
. Different types of analysis for APDUs can be chosen

. The emulator automatically starts and stops the spy
. Specific mode is handled for ISO7816
. Real-time analysis re-enabled: stability and speed improvements
. ISO7816 frequency measurement more accurate
. Speed improvement for COM API for ISO14443 and ISO7816 emulators
. Java example updated
. Improved battery life
. Java API documented in Programming Guide

Bug fixes:
. ISO14443 type B in 848 kbps was not decoded
. "Invalid .tra file: no license tag found (file_path)" when importing
a .tra file
. All settings (i.e. emulator settings) are saved/restored when the
software is closed/launched
. "MicroSD: Error during a memory card operation." when NomadLAB's
SD card was empty
. FDT is correctly displayed in RGPA for ISO14443 type A emulator
. Various bug fixes and stability improvement for ISO7816 and ISO14443
. Touchscreen was unusable when the battery level was too low
. Missing events in broadcasted messages during a spy
. No more "Bad direction information" warning for PPS request
. In trace examples, when NomadLAB.Spy.RealTimeAnalysis was set to 0,
NomadLAB.Spy.Analyzer.Start() was not called
. No more popups when RGPA is closed during a firmware update
. Topaz protocol was not fully decoded
. NomadLAB.Display.ClearOutput works again

Known issues:
. Error in Tool Output View:
"Unable to stop the connection polling normally. Polling stopped."
This issue affects only the re-connection through connection polling
It is a little slower that it should be, but still works
. The PPS response returned by the GetATRPPS method does not work as
expected (random bytes are added at the end of the buffer)

. A specific version of NomadLAB hardware is required to use the
ISO7816 emulator
Please send an email to if you wish to use this