New features:
. ISO7816 T=1 protocol is decoded
. CLT mode is handled: FeliCa protocol is decoded when it is
encapsulated in SWP
. ST SRI protocol is decoded

. NomadLAB.Settings.Intrusive, NomadLAB.Spy.ISO7816.M2M and
NomadLAB.Spy.ISO7816.M2MFile are now deprecated APIs
NomadLAB.Spy.ISO7816.Intrusive and NomadLAB.Spy.SWP.Intrusive replace
these previous properties
See the programming guide for more information
. The ISO7816 emulator feature can now be used with every version of
NomadLAB hardware, but in low speed communications only (ETU = 372)
with the first hardware version
Please send an email to if you wish to use this
feature in high speed communications
. Graphical interface of the firmware improved: new home page with
contact spy information, USB mode page simplified, etc.
. NomadLAB hardware version is displayed in the Maintenance tab of RGPA
and is accessible through the NomadLAB.HardwareVersion API
It is also displayed in the About page of the firmware
. On the ISO7816-APDU layer, a SELECT APDU containing a GET_RESPONSE
APDU is now decoded as two separated APDUs: SELECT and GET_RESPONSE
. The activation popup checks if the activation code is not a serial
. Refresh button removed from the Trace Import tab, the list of files
is always up-to-date
. More NDEF and SNEP commands decoded
. An RF OFF frame is added in the ISO14443 and FeliCa protocols when
there is no RF field detected
. Programming Guide and Getting Started documents improved (see their
History chapter)
. Executable added for the C++ ClientPassport example

Bug fixes:
. Error "The trace file seems to be corrupted" when importing or
re-analyzing a trace is corrected
. The APDU request message is broadcasted as soon as the request is
received, and not at the end of the APDU response
. The progress bar during the firmware update is displayed on Windows 8
. The "NomadLAB Firmware Update" popup is always displayed at
software startup, even when started by a script
. NomadLAB.Spy.Import method does not return until the trace files are
fully generated
. Software crashes during analysis corrected
. Incorrect frames returned by NomadLAB.Emulator.ISO7816.GetAPDUCommand
and NomadLAB.Emulator.ISO14443.GetFrame
. When an unknown APDU is received by the ISO7816 emulator, T60 are
sent by NomadLAB to let the user choose what to do with this APDU

Known issues:
. Error in Tool Output View when NomadLAB is connecting to RGPA:
"Unable to stop the connection polling normally. Polling stopped."
This issue affects only the re-connection through connection polling
The connection is slow but works as expected
. The PPS response returned by the GetATRPPS method does not work as
expected (random bytes are added at the end of the buffer)
. Error in Tool Output View when starting the emulator:
"Trace thread: Cannot read records from NomadLAB"
Executing your program/script with RGPA closed can help
Sometimes, killing the NomadLAB.exe process and restarting NomadLAB
device is necessary.
. Topaz protocol is not decoded