ProxiLAB becomes a KEOLABS tool

. Fixed Reader TypeA.FallingEdgeWaveForm
. Fixed minor bugs in HMI and output window
. Added default settings button JISX6319 and ISO15693 tabs
. Fixed trigger trace channel display in RGPA
. Fixed RF power trace channel display in RGPA in PICC emulator when
field present before trace starting
. 3.4 and 6.8 Mbit/s VHBR demodulation improvement in reader emulator
. Suppressed not expected pulse during mute LoadEventResponse
. Automatic script generation now runs for all HMI commands

. Increased sequencer FIFO from 2048 to 4096 bytes.
. Automatic bitrate detection in Felica PICC emulator mode.
. Added PICC emulator Security Pulse (EnableSpulse and LoadSpulse
. Added PICC emulator ISO15693 LoadInventoryResponse and AppendCRC
. Examples are now compatible with regular JScipt.
. New PICC Analog Probe+ taken into account.
. Added C# example.