. Field measurements is available through SMA4 on calibrated devices.
. Supports NFC LLCP and SNEP.
. Implement SSB filters in Reader A/B mode.
. Automatic SWTX command handling with configurable FDT in sequencer.
. GUI message changed to Python language.
. Improved PICC timeout management in Reader Felica mode.
. Improved Reader Felica time slot number management in Reader Felica
. Improved SendTclCommand management: If card stay mute during chained
I-block transmission RNACK is sent.
. Possibility to send Felica response with positive modulation in
Emulator Felica mode.
. Possibility to send Felica command with positive modulation in
Reader Felica mode.
. Possibility to inverse Felica command polarity in Reader Felica mode.

. Basic Event trigger for ProxiLAB V2.
. PICC_CRC_ERROR trigger for Emulator A/B mode.