ProxiLAB (Released 2015/07/10)


. Sequencer and Spulse are common to reader and emulator in API
. Added sequencer/spulse appnote

. Reader ISO14443 SSB filter improvement
. Reader ISO14443 reader waveform is now up to 128 points (rising and
falling edge)
. Reader ISO14443 card response amplitude gage to on all demodulation
input (polling)
. Reader ISO15693 Reader decoding improvement

. Emulator ISO15693 AppendSOF and AppendEOF property
. Emulator ISO15693 Single/Dual subcarrier property
. Emulator ISO15693 High/low datarate property
. Emulator ISO15693 InventoryResponseSlots property
. Emulator ISO18745 S-Parameters handling
. Emulator ISO14443 PIXCC to PCD FDT min/TR2 min supported
. Emulator ISO14443 cascade level 2 or 3 supported

. SFGI handling
. PCSC timeout management
. SWTX handling
. FELICA processing time precision
. PCSC GUI blocking I2C
. LoadSWTX accuracy
. ProxiLAB.Trigger.GetTrigger