Patch to apply (fix Type A analog wave form functions) Download the patch file, unzip it, and copy the 2 files into the directory {RGPA}Tools/ProxiLAB/Bin. Reader emulation mode Time-out resolution to 16/fc for all reader mode protocols Demodulation of VHBR at 3.4 Mbits Fixed problems with card polling gauge view Saved power level for next card polling Added "ExternalEnableField" property to simulate some tearing on field power Enhanced command.ini files management : add delete command, multi files management... PICC emulation mode Split of the emulator mode : A/B and Felica/15693 Fixed signal PCD_SOF trace Fixed parity error in high bitrate PICC frames Fixed high bitrate PICC frames analysis Added ā€œLoadEventResponse/EnableEventResponseā€ function to prepare multiple sendings trigged by event (ISO14443/Felica) Fixed B' response for COM_R/COM-RA command RF IN demodulation is now available in PICC emulation mode by script Common ProxiLAb can run now without Administrator account Added protocol specific PCD frames traces on SMA Fixed Trigger Complex shifting mode, and Autoreload functionality Trigger complex are now usable in sequencer Added ISO14443-APDU channel in analysis Sharing of the description scripts (RGPAprotocol folder) Fixed minor bugs in HMI and output window ProxiLAB V3.2 hardware taken into account