Complex triggers are now available via GUI
Splitted reader bitstream: Reader_AB/Reader_ISO15693/Reader_JISX6319

. Fixed bug on I-block numbering
. Improved I-block decoding in PCD TypeA 424kb
. Fixed Spulse timmings
. WritePicoData now works in sequencer
. Fixed chained IBlock management
. Fixed CID management
. Fixed Frame type during PPS response
. Able to send Felica frame > 255 bytes (reader and Emulator)
. Fixed PatternTiming when ParityError is activated

. Improve FDT precision when mode PCD EOF
. improve ProcessingTime precision
. Enlarged Reader's transmission and reception FIFO to 4Kb
. Improved TypeA sampling
. implementation of improved PICC IO filter
. Added ability to enter CRC manually in LoadHLTBResponse function
. Removed some glitches in PICC response (TypeB)
. Minimum FDT of Spulse changes from 2 to 3
. Improved LoadSAKI and LoadSAKC RGPA message management
. Improved LoadHLTBResponse: when AppendCRC=0, HLTB response has 1 byte + 2 bytes of CRC = 3 bytes