WARNING: This version has been validated on ProxiLAB Quest only and does not support officially ProxiLAB V3. Use with ProxiLAB V3 at your own responsibility.


. Reader ISO14443 VHBR 1695/3390/6780 kbps support
. Reader ISO14443 TypeA SendTransparentCommand function PARITY_BITS mode
. Reader ISO14443 TypeA SendTransparentCommandBits function
. Reader ISO14443 TypeA GetLastFDT, GetFDTBufferLength and ClearFDTBuffer functions
. Reader ISO14443 TypeB GetLastTR0, GetTR0BufferLength and ClearTR0Buffer functions
. Reader ISO15693 SendCommand function
. PICC decoding after a Spulse PCD frame when Reader mode

. Reader ISO15693: PCD glitch, pause duration, TimeOut and StayQuiet flag
. Emulator ISO15693: PCD decoding when pause duration is 6 us
. Timer measurement mode instability
. When two Spulse frames are preloaded, the state between two Spulse frames stays at 0