New features:

. New zoom feature for graph views in tools: horizontal / vertical zoom, ctrl / shift + mouse wheel, touchscreen compatibillty,        signal pan with mouse wheel scroll / drag and drop, etc.

. Trace statistics for ISO 15693 protocol.
. Trace descriptions for ISO 18092 protocol.


. Overall performance enhancement.
. Errors displayed in a message box during a tool execution replaced by error messages in the Log view.
. Better slider management with mouse wheel for ProxiLAB configuration panels.
. A single left click is used for Shmoo view to update the corresponding analog view.
. Detection of the ProxiLAB platform is faster on the Start page.
. Optimization for the tab bar and the Log view to display more information.
. Executable files are digitally signed, avoiding security messages from Windows informing that the app is from an unknown publisher.

Bug fixes:

. Multiple crashes solved.
. ProxiLAB configuration panel does not hide the ProxiLAB command bar.
. Overview tour can be displayed several times with the Help button in the Toolbox view.
. Search box is bigger in the Log view.
. Correct bit rate information for R-Block and S-Block frames in ISO 14443 trace descriptions.
. Various bug fixes.

Known issues:

. Drag a tab off the tab bar does not create a new Quest window.
. If the path to the user's directory contains Asian characters, a message box indicating an error ("Could not open [...]") is displayed when a tool is opened in Quest.
The only workaround is to use a different Windows account containing only alphanumeric characters.