New features:

. New viewer available: Analog Viewer.
. Zoom feature for graph views in tools: ctrl + Z (undo zoom),
ctrl + Y (redo zoom).
. This version of Quest supports ProxiSPY Quest platform.


. All buttons are now visible instead of being displayed only when the
mouse is over them.
. Toggle buttons order always stays the same, for the Recent and Samples
views for example.
. Improvement of Shmoo graph performance.
. New scrollbar in the Results panel in tools.
. Trace tool:
. Added buttons to move cursors in the Timing Diagram view, in addition to
tab / shift + tab keyboard shortcuts.
. Added zoom in and out buttons in the Timing Diagram view.
. Redesigned search feature to be more user friendly.
. Back buttons added in Statistics view to navigate to the previous

Bug fixes:

. Trace tool:
. Expand / collapse buttons now working properly in Trace tool List view. .
. A single frame type can be selected for the Frames channel in the
Display view.
. The switch between horizontal and vertical layouts is better handled.
. The Timing Diagram does not scroll any more when the focus is not set
on Quest, in case of dual screen setup for example.
. A zoom is no longer performed in the Timing Diagram view if a mouse scroll
is performed at the beginning or the end of trace.
. The last command in the List view is now displayed entirely.
. Dark theme is always applied for Statistics view.
. RF OFF frames are no longer analyzed in the Statistics view of ISO14443
communication timings.
. S-PARAMETERS frames are handled in the Description view.
. Fixed vertical cursor tooltip bug in ProxiLAB platform tools.
. Fixed tool configuration load issues touching Shmoo views.

Known issues:

. Drag a tab off the tab bar does not create a new Quest window.
. If the path to the user's directory contains Asian characters, a message
box indicating an error ("Could not open [...]") is displayed when a
tool is opened in Quest.
The only workaround is to use a different Windows account containing
only alphanumeric characters.
. Range selection with cursors removed from ISO14443 Communication Timings
and ISO15693 Communication Timings in the Statistics view.