. Improvement of all graphs performance.

Bug fixes:

. Analog viewer tool used by ProxiSPY platform:
. First run often fails one time out of two. It works now
. IQ data displays correctly now
. Pan feature (Ctrl/Maj + Mouse wheel) works now
. Save snapshot button works
. For PICC Shmoo tool used by ProxiLAB platform, Axis X and Y are now updated when one changes configuration

Known issues:

. Drag a tab off the tab bar does not create a new Quest window.
. If the path to the user's directory contains Asian characters, a message box indicating an error ("Could not open [...]") is displayed when a tool is opened in Quest.
The only workaround is to use a different Windows account containing only alphanumeric characters.
. Range selection with cursors removed from ISO14443 Communication Timings
and ISO15693 Communication Timings in the Statistics view.