Require RGPA

Correction from ContactLAB
      . USWP Send frame timeout correction
      . UART Rx ISO7816 Low parity transition test
New Features:
      . ISO7816 card emulator for EMVeriPOS integration
      . Increase sequencer memory size 128 times bigger (only from hardware version >= V1.4.F)
      . V1.4.G : new calibration process
        . Increase measurement and generation accuracy for analog signals
        . Analog measurement implemented C3(CLK) and C7(IO)

Bug Fixes:
      . ISO7816 T=1 CRC calculation corrected
      . Added Examples\Python\MultiTools\ContactLAB_ProxiSPY_trace.py
        Each tool spies its communication independently, then their traces are
        merged together by software
      . Added Examples\JScript\AnalogSpy\AnalogWindow_IccIdle.js
      . Added Examples\JScript\AnalogSpy\AnalogWindow_ISO_IO_CLK.js
      . Added Examples\JScript\UISO7816\UISO7816_ParityErrorTx.js
      . Added Examples\JScript\UISO7816\UISO7816_CGT_16.js
      . Added Examples\JScript\UISO7816\UISO7816_ParityErrorRx.js