for Quest only


WARNING! This version is only intended to provide software components needed by Quest.
Therefore, it must be INSTALLED BUT SHOULD NOT BE EXECUTED by the user.
All the other components like the Trace Viewer or the Tool Panel have not been tested.


  • GetTraceDuration() method added in the GPAReader API.
  • XGPA traces can be scrolled in the viewer by dragging the time scale axis.
  • Search and annotations features added for the XGPA viewer.
  • Columns can be hidden / displayed in the list view for the XGPA viewer.
  • A KWAV file can be exported from an XGPA file with the GPAReader API.
  • SelectNextNode() method in the GPAReader API now uses the end time of the parent node in order to select the child, and not the end time of the grandparent.


  • Range displayed for the maximum supported frame size extended to 4096 for ISO14443 Type A and B descriptions.
  • Communication speed correctly displayed if there is no level 2 and up to 6.78 MHz channel for ISO14443 Type A descriptions.
  • Some values displayed were incorrect in MIFARE UltraLight and ISO15693 descriptions.