Real-Time General Purpose Analyzer (RGPA) free software interface for KEOLABS' smart card testing platforms.

RGPARGPA is a Windows-based interface for configuring, controlling and viewing output from all the KEOLABS smart card testing platforms. Users learn one interface, and can share their results (*.GPA, *.ZGPA) with other collaborators using this free software.

All RGPA functionalities that are specific to output, capture and analysis of communications using a specific protocol are enabled by a hardware platform (ProxiLAB, ProxiSPY, or ContactLAB) and the protocol or functional options bought by the customer.

About RGPA downloads

If you do not have a KEOLABS’ hardware platform, you can use RGPA to view trace files that are generated by other users using ProxiLAB, ProxiSPY, ContactLAB and NomadLAB platforms. RGPA is free and there is no software license to activate. Download the latest version of RGPA on this page.

Please contact us if you would like to receive a sample data set for a specific protocol.

If you are using RGPA with a KEOLABS’ platform to have full tool functionality, you must install the RGPA version that corresponds to the version of the ProxiLAB, ProxiSPY or ContactLAB platform software that you are using. Go to the platform’s software download page and click on Details of the the platform software version that you will install. This page provides a link to the corresponding RGPA download.