Initial release of Quest, compatible with ProxiLAB Quest platform only.

The following features are available:

  • Settings and commands panels, to easily control ProxiLAB Quest.
  • Trace viewer, providing a user friendly interface to display complex protocol analysis and information.
  • Scenario editor, simply drag-and-drop a command available in ProxiLAB API, and the editor will write the script for you, making scenario development easier than ever.
  • Toolbox, containing pre-configured characterization tests to enable single-click access to contactless tests such as waveform analysis and performance profiling.
  • Workbook, allowing to organize your daily work, store and share characterization tests results, traces or scenarios with others.

To guide you through your first steps with Quest, an overview tour is available with the Help button in the Toolbox view.

A known bug affects this Quest version when the path to the user's directory contains Asian characters.
If a message box indicates an error ("Could not open [...]") when a tool is opened in Quest, you are affected by this bug.
The only workaround for the moment is to use a different Windows account containing only alphanumeric characters.